Fundraising covers a multitude of activities and demands many skills. The following are some of the ways we can assist charities to generate the funds they need.

Strategic planning

Are you using your resources to maximise your potential and achieve your organisational goals?

Performance management

Are you equipped to perform the task? Is the team working together and to capacity? Are you trying to do too many things?

Trust fundraising

Are you approaching the right trusts? Is your 'case statement' working for you?

Corporate fundraising

What activity is appropriate for you? Direct donations, payroll giving, employee fundraising, gifts in kind, professional support, brand marketing?????

Event management

Stuck for ideas? Are you approaching the appropriate market for your needs? Are you raising enough?


Do the 'right people' know your name? Do they understand who you are and what you do, can they give to you easily?

Staff and volunteer training

Do you have the skills to do the job in an efficient and cost effective way?

Fundraising audits

Are you pursuing the fundraising activities which will realise the greatest benefits to you in the short and long term?

Fundraising Health Check

Have you got into bad habits? Are you checking your cost ratios and evaluating your results regularly?

For services not listed above please contact Lorna Montgomery for further details.



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